Air Conditioning check and repair

Florida summers can be unbearably hot. Don’t get caught without a working air conditioner! Tech9 Automotive offers free A/C checks with the purchase of an oil change. Catch the problem before it becomes costly...

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Engine diagnostic and repair

When your Check Engine light comes on, a trouble code will be stored in one or more of your vehicle's computers. There are certain conditions (usually 4-5 specific criteria) that have to be met for a trouble code to set, ...

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Electronic System diagnostic and repair

diagnosis and repair of electronic systems in general to module level for electronics technicians. Excluded are computing equipment, consumer electronic equipment, electronic office equipment, marine...

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Lube, Oil and Filter Change

When it comes time for that needed motor oil change (consult your owner's manual for mileage intervals), you have options: You can take it to a service station, quick lube or car dealer, or you can do it yourself...

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  • You feel good when you know that the person that’ is taking care of your car is AN EXPERIENCE REAL MECHANIC AND not just another apprentice. This men IS THE BEST THERE IS. He knows what his talking and of course doing. I won’t take my car to any other place but here. Thanks a lot. 100% Satisfied.
    Enyel Heaven
  • This is my new mechanic, and the only place I will be taking my car from now on. Kris correctly diagnosed the problem, after everyone else had failed. His knowledge and customer service is second to none. On top of superior service, his pricing is extremely fair and reasonable. I will never go anywhere else!
    Rambo Firstblood
  • Kris is my new mechanic and I'm so glad I found him (and I don't trust many people with my car)!!! Amazing service, so knowledgable, fair prices, and went over and above to make sure everything was perfect. Recommended 100% - you will not be disappointed.
    Courtney K